Ottawa, Ontario

Their list of hobbies includes biking, swimming, geocaching, snowshoeing, skating, hockey, fishing and ice fishing. Last summer, they drove a Subaru Outback from Ottawa to Nova Scotia. This summer, they’re looking to go home with an all-new Subaru Forester.


Brantford, Ontario

Dad is a hot rod enthusiast who is currently restoring a 1971 Chevelle. Mom is a grade school teacher who recently completed a marathon the day after running a half marathon. That’s a marathon and a half for anybody keeping score.


Valleyfield, Quebec

Naturally, Dad considers himself to be among the greatest drivers in the world. Given the option, they’d take the bumpy gravel road home over the paved road any day of the week. You could say they’ve been training their whole lives for this.


Nanaimo, British Columbia

They’ve travelled over 4000 km to get here but they’re only just getting started. Mom always makes sure they take the time to smell the roses. If they’re fast enough, they’ll also get to smell the inside of a brand new Forester.


Nepean, Ontario

Although they won’t be behind the wheel, the twin boys will be driving the family forward. Both boys love music and are learning to play musical instruments. They left the instruments at home, but it still might be a loud ride.