Family Rally



Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) can adjust the responsiveness of its drivetrain to support your driving style, road conditions or any driving state at your immediate request. Quickly re-map the throttle response and automatic-transmission shifting behaviour to ensure that you always have the best performance for any circumstance.

Subaru Boxer Engine

The unique horizontally opposed engine delivers a lower centre of gravity for more balanced handling, flatter cornering capabilities and greater stability on every type of road surface. Buckle up.

All New X-Mode

The technology of X-MODE™ takes command of the engine, transmission, AWD, brakes, and other components to help you safely navigate through bad roads, slippery surfaces and even the steepest hills with maximum confidence. In a nutshell it makes the worst terrain feel hospitable.

Symmetrical full-time AWD

The almost perfectly symmetrical layout offers better balance for stability and a more efficient flow of power to all four wheels for greater grip and control.

Available EyeSight™

New EyeSight® driver-assist technology helps monitor the road ahead, watches for potential danger, warns you when it sees potential danger, and can even adjust your speed and braking to help you avoid it. It’s like the ultimate backseat driver.

Fuel Economy

Models fitted with the second-generation Lineartronic® CVT deliver top-class fuel efficiency among full-time AWD vehicles.

Power Rear Gate

This hands free feature lets you automatically open the trunk with the touch of a button. It almost makes you wish you had more stuff to load.

More Cargo Capacity

Enjoy 9% more cargo area than before. An array of hooks helps secure smaller items. For longer items, rear seats can fold flat with an available one-touch folding rear seat button on either side.